Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Maxon Mbendera has dismissed allegations made by President Joyce Banda that the recent held tripartite election has been rigged.

Mbendera said this to Journalist in Blantyre main Tally centre where official results for the first ever tripartite election will be announced.

Banda through a press conference held in Lilongwe claimed that the elections have been rigged and she said the Party has filed a complaint to MEC asking for a re-counts of votes.

She further said Electoral laws have been breached.

“Evidently, laws have not been followed as people continue to vote three days after the official voting. Some people are voting more than 2 times”, Banda claimed.

In response to Banda’s remarks Mbendera said the claims are not true.

“We are hearing this allegation of hacking from Peoples Party officials. But these allegations are not true “, said Mbendera.

Meanwhile MEC has not yet started releasing the results.


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