As drama continues regarding the May 20 tripartite election, the ruling People’s Party (PP) has said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is shooting down vote  recount deliberately  because it knows it will not emerge victorious.

PP spokesperson Ken Msonda said this on Wednesday during a media briefing held in Blantyre Tally Centre.

“I would like to assure Malawians that the DPP is in possession of some of the ballot papers.

“My question to the DPP is why its members are being found right on the scene where ballot papers are being found?” he asked.

He further said DPP was behind the Nyambadwe incident where a full Presidential ballot box was found.

In reaction to Msonda’s remarks, Patricia Kaliati of DPP described PP Deputy Secretary General’s remarks as unfortunate.

“The PP is to blame for the current situation as they are the ones who are in government and who were responsible for the election,” she said.

Meanwhile the way forward of May 20 tripartite election will be known tomorrow.

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