The Malawi electoral Commission (MEC) has indicated that the controversial 2014 elections were free, fair and credible.

In a response at a press briefing held by the commission at the national tally center at the COMESA hall in Blantyre, MEC chair Maxon Mbendera hit the nail on the head by declaring what the observers have always said of the Malawi election.

“This year’s elections were free, fair and credible,” said Mbendera to an applause by the blue camp in the COMESA hall.

Mbendera indicated that a verdict on an election cannot be passed just basing on a few isolated incidents but has to be taken from the organization of the elections.

To this end, Mbendera indicated that MEC had managed comprehensively the campaign period with access to the public broadcaster granted to all parties that were contesting which was new to Malawi.

He additionally indicated that by opening up doors to people of all areas even those who had deliberately torched voting materials MEC had leveled the playing field and had given all wishing and deserving Malawians the chance to vote.

Mbendera’s remarks have come in sharp contrast to what the losing parties have claimed about the elections that they were rigged.

Observer missions to the elections have already passed a verdict on the Malawi polls that they were fair, free and credible despite a few setbacks.

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