The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been warned against building their trust in the court especially in tomorrow’s make or break case that will be presided over by High court judge Kenyatta Nyirenda.

Commenting on social media, some people have indicated that the fact that Nyirenda was promoted by President Banda means that he has to please the promoting authority and eventually his judgment.

However, critics have argued that the Malawi judiciary is impartial and will deliver its ruling in a better manner that will be in accordance with the laws of Malawi.

Nyirenda was promoted together with Necton Mhura who granted an injunction to the DPP to stop the nullification of the polls by the President who promoted him and still those advising the DPP to be careful have forgotten that important fact.

Tomorrow the High Court hears an application in which MEC is asking that it extends the days it is mandated to release the results citing that it ought to do a re-count.

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