It is now a well-known fact that Andre Young aka Dr Dre and Interscope Records’s Jimmy Iovine have sold their stake in Beats Audio Hardware and Beats Music to Apple for a reported $3,000,000,000 (US Dollars). At this point in time we imagine both Dre and Iovine have gathered together a strong team of financial planning analysts and advisors to assist them in spending the newly acquired loot. Of course we expect new homes to be bought, (as Dr Dre recently did when he purchased Gisele Bundchen and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s stunning Los Angeles 14,000-square-foot Brentwood Estate) as well as various other new toys and possibly more music tech start-up companies in their new roles as Apple executives. However, we feel that Dr Dre’s investment portfolio would not be complete without a considerable portion going towards farming in Malawi.

While the main economic products of Malawi are tobacco, tea, cotton, groundnuts, sugar and coffee, we feel the Chronic’s producer would be better suited investing in one of the largest producers of Malawi Gold in Southern Africa. The economic benefit would be realized upon export of meticulously cultivated tropical strains of Malawi Gold to Medical Marijuana card holders and associated Dispensaries in San Fransico, California, which just happens to be in the home state of the good doctor.

More than just being a profitable investment, the philanthropic aspect of this enterprise cannot be overstated. The sativa crop is currently mainly cultivated in the Central and Northern areas of the country providing valuable income to poor and vulnerable farmers who use the proceeds to put their children through school among other things.The crops contribution to the national economy is also very significant when one looks at the amount of tourism dollars generated from its trade notwithstanding the fact that it fetches more money than Malawi’s largest export, Tobacco. A local farmer in Nkota-kota district who chose to remain anonymous said the development would bring many benefits to the economy, “chitukuko chimenchi chitha kukweza ulimi  ku Malawi kuno zedi!”.

In order to minimize risk, Dr Dre may have to recruit the talents of Snoop Dogg as a 50/50 investment partner since the Doggfather is already an expert in the business.
While it may be futile, we still would urge Dr Dre to seriously consider investing his new money in farming in Malawi in the areas outlined above. We anticipate this can only lead to an increase in goodwill towards the newly minted billionaire’s brand.

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