“We commissioners Nancy Tembo, Wellington Nakanga, Reverend Mezuwa Banda, Elvey Mtafu, Stanley Bilia, Rev Emmanuel Chinkwita Phiri, Gloria Chingota, Allan Chiphiko being commissioners duly appointed under s. 75 (1) of the Constitution as read with S. 4(1) of the Electoral Commission Act wish to state as follows:

1. THAT at the meeting of the Commission held on 25th May 2014 it was decided that the results of the presidential elections held in May 2014 as received from returning Officers had attracted numerous complaint[s] and had discrepancies and obvious errors to such extent that they could not be relied on as presented.

2. That it was decided that the only way to get a credible result was by conducting a physical audit of the vote by reopening the ballot boxes and recounting the ballot cast.

3. That as a commission we were prepared to carry on that exercise and logistics were put in place.

4. That subsequent to that decision to have a recount the Electoral Commission has received court processes the effect of some of which is to compel us to release the results although numerous complaints await determination and the results have not been verified by political parties as earlier on agreed.

We therefore wish to categorically state that we have not determined and cannot determine the result of the Presidential election relying merely on documentation received from Constituency returning officers and we therefore wish to state that a proper result can only come after a physical audit and comparison with the result received from returning officers.
Dated and signed this 28th Day 2014
Nancy Tembo
Wellington Nakanga
Rev Mezuwa Banda
Elvey Mtafu
Stanly Billiat
Rev Emmanuel Chimkwita Phiri
Gloria Chingota
Rev Allan Chiphiko

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