Economic analyst in the country have said the projected 7.5 percent economic growth by President Professor Author Peter Mutharika can only be achieved if his government invest heavily in sectors that would boost the economy and be prudent financial management.

Henry Kachaje of Business Consult Africa said this in an interview.

“The projection show how optimistic the government is. The dream is achievable only if the government put efforts in investing into sectors that are economically viable and on the other side be prudent on financial management”, advised Mr Kachaje.

Mr Kachaje further said the 7.5 growth projection is only attainable if the new government adopts sound economic policies that would spar the growth.

“Our agriculture has potential to deliver higher yields and give us better returns than what we are currently achieving. An investment in the sector should therefore be a priority in this government,” said said

Mutharika revealed his projection during his inauguration ceremony held at Kamuzu Stadium on Monday where representative of various countries graced the occasion.

Meanwhile it is yet to be seen as to how the government is going to achieve as the country is facing enormous challenges in terms of economy

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