Sherrifs from the High Court of Malawi in the commercial city, Blantyre have earlier this afternoon seized property from the residence of former ruling People’s Party Deputy Secretary General Irene Chikuni, we can confidently reveal.

The no nonsense officially accredited debt collectors visited the Chikuni residence situated near Bvumbwe Traiding Centre where they seized household items over some huge amounts of unpaid debts.

The confiscated items include; a kitchen unit, furniture and other household items.

The sherrifs, brought to the Chikuni residence a 2 Toner and 3 Toner trucks that took the household items away, to the bewilderment of the Chikunis.

Their neighbours could not help but watch in shock as items from the family that was so powerful less than a month ago, were being taken away in such an embarrassing fashion.

The confiscated property has been taken to Trust Auctioneers Limited waiting for settlement of the debt or sell of the items through a public auction.

The residence swept clean by the sherrifs belongs to Mr Lucious Chikuni and Mrs Irene Chikuni and their children who include the ‘famous’ Martha Chikuni, former Special Assistant to former President Joyce Banda.

Many Malawians freshly remember Martha Chikuni as one of the most insulting Presidential aides that the country has had so far.

Almost on daily basis, Martha Chikuni through her facebook account insulted the country’s citizenry calling them stupid and many other unprintable names on many occasions.

Martha Chikuni deactivated her insulting facebook account soon after her ‘god’ mother Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda lost the elections at the end of May.

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