Former Nigeria’s Big Brother Africa (BBA) representative and winner Uti has said Malawi should keep on participating in the reality show saying the country has had some good housemates in the past years.

Uti who apart from walking away with the prize money as winner in BBA which later raised his profile, said he participated in the reality show twice but only triumphed in the second time.

“There is stiff competition but Malawi should keep going and fighting. There have been good housemates and I am sure your time is coming,” said Uti who hosts a popular programme on Africa Magic known as Jara.

With the BBA auditions coming up ahead, of Season 9, Uti said the country needs to have a housemate that has a mix of excitement and some gentleness.

“You need a housemate like Lomwe mixed with Mzamo and Hazel. Malawi has done well and it’s made it to the final a couple of years and so I believe time will come and the country should not lose hope,” he said.

Nigeria has dominated in the reality show producing other winners apart from Uti and many from other countries have said BBA favours the West African country.

But Uti said there was no favouritism in the reality show and that they do not influence the results.

“As Nigerians we are united and hardworking people. We support each other and again we are in numbers. Nigerians follow the reality show and so they vote and that’s what needs to happen with other countries otherwise there is nothing like influence,” he said.

He described Malawians as very calm and gentle people and peaceful adding that some of the housemates that were the best for him for Malawi are Hazel Warren and Code Sangala.

“Mzamo was the first housemate who was aggressive and I was like hey has Malawi changed? But I must say she was entertaining and was hated at the same time,” said Uti.

Malawi is among the 14 countries that will also be participating in BBA season 9. The country is yet to win in the reality show. Last year it was represented by Fatima Nkata and Natasha Tonthola but the two were evicted early in the game.

The other past representatives for the country include Hazel who went all the way to the final but lost out to Angola’s Ricco, Mzamo, Lomwe, Wati, Nafe, Zein and Susan Ngoma.

Meanwhile MultiChoice Malawi has said the auditions in the country will take place at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe on June 30 and July 1. The winner will walk away with US$ 300 000.

The 14 countries that will participate are Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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