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Contrary to indications and rumours, former President Joyce Banda flew out of the country this morning to the United States of America for a holiday via South Africa.

Accompanied by some Peoples’ Party (PP) executive members that included Mr. Brown Mpinganjira, Banda left Malawi carrying her own handbag unlike the time she was the President when the first gentleman assisted her with the handbag.

Even the body language of the President was of a sad person who was not composed as she took her steps to the plane that was to fly her out of Malawi to the US where she is expected to rest for a month.

This was Banda’s first public appearance ever since she lost the elections in May this year to Peter Mutharika.

Reports yesterday had indicated that plans were underway to have Banda arrested at the airport for her role in the Cashgate scandal but Banda has flown out of the country uninterrupted, waving at her supporters with fear.

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