Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Bruno Kalemba has disclosed that Misozi Chanthunya, a murder suspect currently in South Africa, will soon be brought in the country.

Kalemba said this in an interview with one of the daily papers in the country [Nation Newspaper]

“We need him in Malawi urgently but there are processes which we must follow and right now we are waiting to hear from government of South Africa for the next course of action.” said Kalemba.

The extradite of Chanthunya has taken long due to the appeal which he made against the move last but the Court in South Africa ruled against him.

Chanthunya ,38 is being accused of killing his Zimbabwean girlfriend  Linda Gasa who was a student at Malawi College of Accountancy in September 2010.

After the scene, Chanthunya went into hiding and he was later arrested in South Africa by the International Police (INTERPO) in 2012.

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