As the 2013/2014 government financial year is going toward the end, it has been discovered that the newly elected Minister of Finance will seek Parliament for expenditure approval of about three mouth to help  government in running its business while waiting for the entire 2014/15 budget to be passed.

This comes amid delay in Parliament deliberations due to uncertainties that locked the May 20 tripartite election.

Ministry of finance spokesperson Mr.Nations Msowoya disclosed this with one of the local media house in the country “this is in line with the law which permit expenditure whenever the passing of the budget has been delayed.”

“Until 30th June, we will still be using the appropriation bill that passed by parliament in July last year, and that means we still have an appropriation bill in place.

“[But] from July 1st onwards, the constitution allows the minister of finance to seek that part of provision be approved, that will allow him to seek an appropriation for a shorter period of three months,” said Msowoya.

Meanwhile Parliament is set to start its business next week

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