Malo Private Secondary School Teacher Patrick Kasiya Guli Banda has been reported dead after taking too much alcohol during graduation ceremony for Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) Students.

Northern Region Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Paul Tembo, confirmed of the death by saying that Banda drunk too much liquor on the graduation day (June 30, 2014) and later went for a rest at his residence in Mabushi.

“Since then, Banda never reported for work for a number of days. This raised eyebrows of fellow members of staff who went to his house to check on him.

“On arrival, at Banda’s house they were suspicious of the terrible stink that came from the house. When they entered the house, the members of staff found Banda’s body in decomposed state with a half bottle of whisky beside it,” Tembo said.

Postmortem results indicated that Banda died of hypoglycemia.

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