Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Warehouse in Lilongwe where a vote recount was supposed to take place has been set ablaze by unknown arsonists a few hours after whistle-blower Innocent Mawaya issued a warning that today, Tuesday, we would publish an exclusive report on clandestine dealings at MEC led by Chief Elections Officer Willie Kalonga.

We have a dossier detailing how MEC officers and Commissioners engaged in high level corruption, theft, illegal recruitments and self-enrichment during the recently concluded tripartite elections in the country.

All these illegal dealings were centered on CEO Willie Kalonga and Commissioner Emmanuel Chimkwita Phiri who is seen as the strongest in the Commission.

Some of our evidence we have in our dossier is in MEC warehouses situated in Blantyre, Limbe, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

One of those warehouses is the one that has just been burned this morning in Lilongwe.

Commissioner Emmanuel Chimkwita Phiri’s security firm provides guarding services to all MEC warehouses another act of conflict of interest, self-enrichment and corruption.

Despite the burning to conceal this evidence, we will still go ahead and publish our dossier for Malawians to know the truth.

The procurement of the vote tabulation software and related hardware from a company without any known experience in distribution and support of such systems require review so Mr Muhabi Chisi, Director of MEC IT be ready, we are also on you.

CEO Willie Kalonga, how does it feel to purchase a brand new pick from a Toyota Malawi showroom and your wife resigning from her job to concentrate on supplying to MEC where you are the CEO?

Willie Kalonga know that we have visited your mother and father in-laws residence, the Sichalis in Limbe, Quarter-India where we have seen the kind of investments you have made within the two years you have been in that position.

Stay tuned