DISGRUNTLED women who found Facebook a space on which to open their hearts and discuss among many other issues have again attempted to take down the group, My Malawi My Views were most of their secrets are being exposed.

One of the administrators of the group which has been discussing various issues in the land including politics, tribes, regions, religions and lately the secrets people tell each other in secret groups has disclosed that Facebook notified them of the complaints that they had received pertaining to the group.

The administrator who opted for anonymity for obvious reasons indicated that Facebook however has just warned them over the conduct of the members of the group.

Members of the group especially a vocal Dennis Mzima have been revealing what women have been discussing in their secret groups especially pertaining to sexuality and the revelations have appeared to have damned one so many woman such that they have gone flat out in a hunt for Mzima and at the same time closing his avenues of communication.

The first group was taken down after the irate women complained to Facebook but a new one was set up quickly and it has attracted a lot of people.

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