President Arthur Peter Mutharika has appointed Mr. George Mkondiwa to replace Willie Samute as Chief Secretary to the Government.

Mr Mkondiwa who has also served notable posts in the government among others being a Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Housing.

According to a Press Statement from the office of the President and Cabinet dated August 27th, revealed that his Excellency the state president in exercise of the powers given to him by section 89(1) (d) and section 92(4) of the constitution of the Republic of Malawi appointed Mr George Mkondiwa as the Chief Secretary to the Government.

The appointment comes after the leakage of a memo signed by Samute which indicated cabinet ministers demanding a 583 salary hike.

The firing of Samute come after President Mutharika had warned against the leaking of cabinet meetings to the public, and that he would not hesitate to punish anyone who did so.

According to the statement, the appointment is with immediate effect.



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