Residents and business people in Mangochi have expressed concern over the increase in number of young sex workers, who are found in various drinking joints in the district.

Prostitution is unacceptable and a core factor fueling the spread of HIV/AIDS virus in the country.

Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO), has disclosed that it intends to establishe a local help line where cases of children venturing into the act are reduced by means of referring them to rehabilitation as well as children centres.

Speaking to HIV and Aids officer in the district, Ernest Kadzokoya has showed concerned over the habit and has promised to work tirelessly so that the problem can come to end.

“We will reach parents and chiefs so that we can work hand in hand with them in solving the problem” said Kadzokoya.

He further said that his office will make condoms available to the public so that safe sex is implemented as mean of dealing with HIV pandemic while dealing the problem.

It is also said that areas around Makawa, are contributing a lot to the figures of young Sex workers in the district.

The problem has arrived due to lack of parental care and extreme poverty, which force them to be found in that situation so that they can support themselves.

As a call to action civil societies in Mangochi have since pleaded with the government to help in eradicating the habit, so that they can curb the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Mangochi district is one of the districts heavily affected by HIV/AIDS.




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