Malawi Women in Tourism (MWIT) has announced that it plans to register all sex workers and give them identification cards.

The development comes as one way of protecting clients of the country’s sex workers from new HIV/AIDS infections

The grouping disclosed the development on Monday during the official launch of the group which is made up of women working in the tourism industry.

MWIT president Lucy Saini speaking in her opening speech said that the group understands the role sex workers play in the country’s tourism sector hence they fight to be recognised.

“Women (sex workers) working in our hotel and lodges will be taken for Hiv/Aids testing and later will be given certificates according to their status.

“We will then encourage them to be honest with their zero status when dealing with their clients,” said Saini.

But although the MWIT plan to do this, the constitution of the Republic of Malawi prohibits the act of prostitution and is punishable by law.

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