The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has announced that it has so far managed to collect over MK6.4 billion in fuel levies during the first half of the year, officials affirm.

The fund is one of the government’s tax collecting organizations that work hand in hand with the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

According to the Road fund officials, the figure is below what was projected to be collected in the first six months.

RFA has also collected MK725 million in Road User Charges against a projection of over MK886 million.

Spokesman for the Fund, Masauko Ngwaluko, attributes the failure to meet levy targets to ‘dwindling fuel volumes’, owing to a fuel price increase, which he said has had a negative effect on consumption of the commodity.

Meanwhile, the RFA is looking forward to surpassing the figures for the first half, by as high as MK10.1 billion in Fuel Levy, and MK1.4 billion in Road User Charges.

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