Gwamba and Nesnes launched their albums, Kudutsa Pakhoma and Nthawi Yakwana respectively, at a packed Lilongwe Golf Club on Sunday, September 21st.

Among those who attended the launch were local hip hop heavyweights Martse, Krazie-G, Mwanache, BlackJak, dance-hall artists Blasto, King Chambiecco, Malinga Mafia.

The show was arguably the biggest performing hip hop event Lilongwe has ever witnessed organized by Prime Time Media.

As it has become the norm with the majority of gigs in town, the show was scheduled to start as early as 1pm but only started 3 hours hours later.

It was a fusion of performances, music and a lot of fun.

The host, Anne Matumbi, opened the stage with an energetic performance.

Martse later stepped on stage and proved why he is a favorite among many.

He sang songs that people loved to dance to and signed off with a tune he remixed with Billy Kaunda ‘Mwapindulanji’, a song which is still rocking the Top 10 Malawi Urban Music Chart.

After that it was Matumbi again who brought a comical side of hip hop and arts with his hilarious jokes.

Despite the unnecessary beef in the hip hop scene, emcees came together and complimented each other’s talents.

The likes of Penetrator, Third Eye, Tidacase, Producer AK and photography mogul Bensam all took part.

The man of the show, Nesnes made it to the stage accompanied by Gwamba and the crowd went wild.

Nesnes killed his set with his hit Chidodo.

Nesnes’ performance and dances simply drove revelers crazy.

His fellow emcee, Gwamba, also impressed and got ladies shaking their booties when he performed Zikuvuta alongside AK, Krazie-G and Tidacase followed by Ndidikira.

His rapping and melody levels with those of number one Martse, Krazie-G and that alone drove revelers wild.

Their two hour set didn’t disappoint as fans chanted and danced along to hits like Bola Kusache, Zikuvuta and Ndidikira among other hits.

After Gwamba and his band stepped on stage with his unique rapping style, DJ Scapper on the turntables and BFB on the keys, made it impossible for revelers to go home.

Just as the crowd was jamming to the hip hop jams, the DJ changed the tune to house and the real dancing began.

Gwamba and Nesnes’ album launch has been one of the most highly anticipated album launches in recent memory, and from a writer’s perspective, one of the best launches that I’ve ever witnessed. What’s crazy is that the product itself hasn’t hit the market yet and everybody is crazy about it.

Pictorial focus 

(Photos by Alinafe ‘AK’ Kalizang’oma & Timothy Ntilosanje)

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