SquareTrade has put the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus under a series of breakability tests to see how well the smartphones stack up against four foot drops, water damage, sliding across wood and plastic surfaces and more. The results show that the iPhone 6 was the most durable iPhone ever in these tests, while the iPhone 6 Plus also did quite well.

The video reveals that the iPhone 6 passed all of the tests with flying colors, walking away virtually unscathed with a medium risk breakability score of 4 out of 10. In fact, the iPhone 6 only had a few nicks and scratches after being dropped six times. SquareTrade’s breakability scores also take physical characteristics of the device into account.

The larger iPhone 6 Plus received a medium risk breakability score of 5 out of 10, one point worse than the iPhone 6, because the bigger display made it harder to grip and led to worse performance during its drop test. In the video, the back and front panels of the iPhone 6 Plus came detached following a controlled drop onto its bottom edge.

Watch the nearly three-minute breakability test below for a closer look at how each smartphone fared:

SquareTrade is a third-party warranty plan provider that offers an iPhone protection plan that costs either $5 per month, $99 for two years or $129 for three years. The protection plan covers accidental damage like drops, spills and malfunctions for a $75 deductible, and also provides full reimbursement for any Genius Bar repairs through Apple.

Earlier this month, we highlighted the benefits of AppleCare+ compared to SquareTrade and other warranty plans in a side-by-side comparison.

How has your iPhone 6 held up over the past week?

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