Mourners at Chilingulo Village in Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje, were recently shocked after a member of a dead man went into sexual mood.

FOM sourced one of the village headman who attended the funeral, and did not want to be named, told on Thursday that a man, who was well known for his outstanding talent in weaving baskets, had died one evening.

“And the next day when we went to wash and cloth his remains, in readiness for burial, we discovered that his penis was all up,” said the group head.

He said, stunned, they summoned the deceased’s wife, in hope of an explanation.

“Sounding unsurprised, she told us that her dead husband had ordered a last share of his conjugal rights when he dies, and that we should go out for her to fulfil the demand,” he said.

According to the chief, when the dead-body-dressing team returned after the wife had vacated the room, the deceased’s tool had succumbed to sexual satisfaction.

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