The country’s First Lady Madame Gertrude Hendrina Mutharika has announced the registration of her own trust called Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM).

This was disclosed in Press statement issued on Wednesday.

According to the statement from Mutharika, the trust would envision increased access to participatory and improved sanitation and sustainable community management of waste and waste facilities in Malawi.

“Waste collection levels in Malawi are low and have triggered widespread illegal open dumping and backyard incineration. This has created negative environmental impacts and increased the health risk of the residents.

“Open waste dumps are primary breeding sites for mosquitoes, houseflies, rodents and other vectors of communicable diseases such as fever, diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, and malaria. Loose papers and plastics that are blown by wind result in an aesthetic intrusion of the surrounding environment. Children are the most affected both in the present and future times.” reads in part the statement.

She adds: “At this juncture, I would categorically want to state my commitment to restoring Malawi’s lost Beauty by among other things, encouraging good refuse management and waste recycling.I thus call on the corporate world, development partners and all Malawians to join me in working for a cleaner, beautiful and healthier Malawi”.

Meanwhile Mutharika has said she will make available more details about her vision in the next few days.

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