It has been noted that about about 15 house servants and ground workers, who have been working at Sanjika Palace in Malawi’s commercial capital Blantyre since 2004, have complained of unfair dismissal from the State residence.

The workers are also accusing President Peter Mutharika’s Advisor on Security Affairs Paulos Norman Chisale of orchestrating their unfair dismissal.

House servants that have been fired, according to inside sources, include Damster Maoleka (Houseman), Saukila Nangwale (Chef), Stella Mwendera (Houselady), George Chitokoto (Waiter), Enos Kanyimbo (waiter), Henry Kambanje (Chef), Ian Christian (Laundryman), Leonard Mpasa (Houseman), Gladys Masanza (House lady), Violet Nyirongo (Assistant-housekeeper), Tonny Moto (Houseman) and William Tseteka (Houseman), among others.

Chisale is alleged to have unilaterally fired them to ensure safety of the incumbent President.

But despite being advised to stop reporting for duties, the house servants will be receiving their monthly perks.

Meanwhile, 46 drivers who were also removed from State House and reassigned to Plant and Vehicle Hire Organisation (PHVO), have claimed that their positions have been taken up by ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets.

The drivers, who some claimed to have worked in the country’s state residences since 1980, say they have been unfairly treated as some have already been evicted from institutional houses without notices.

The first of group of drivers got their letters of redeployment from the Office of the President and Cabinet on July 4. Two days later, another lot of 15 drivers received their redeployment letters before the last group of 19.

It is not like we are clinging to be working at the state residence but we are here at the PHVO premises just playing bawo because government has nothing to do with us because our positions have been taken up by DPP young democrats, claimed one of the drivers.

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