Families who are in chieftainship wrangles have been asked to settle their disputes amicably other than going to court seeking injunctions.

The minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Tarcizio Thom Gowelo made the call during the installation ceremony of Mr. Cryton January Ndhlovu as Traditional Authority Chiwere Ndhlovu the 4th effective 3rd April 2014 held at Mvera Mission ground in Dowa.

Gowelo said government will soon have a judicial review of the Chiefs Act to ensure that there be no injunctions restraining someone from either being elevated or installed as a chief.

“You are a chief by birth, I urge you the Traditional Authorities to vacate all court injunctions for the good of your people,” said Gowelo.

Gowelo advised the newly installed chief to love his subjects by avoiding taking bribes and indulging in corruption saying this retards development and destroys the integrity of the chief.

He also reminded them to practice the spirit of reconciliation and tolerance regardless of their cultural differences with the Chewa’s of the area.

The minister also urged the chiefs to work with government of the day claiming that development comes with government.

Senior Chief Msakambewa said the area has been without a recognized chief for 21 years claiming that Chiwere Ndhlovu was a Ngoni Chief despite of settling amongst the Chewa tribe.

“We, the Ngoni are happy. We have finally won our chieftainship following the history,” said Msakambewa, amid ululations and hand clapping from the people.

Inkosi Mabulabo of Mzimba advised the newly installed Ngoni Chief Inkosi Chiwere Ndhlovu to lead by example by working hand in hand with the Chewas of the area for unity and development.

Inkosi Chiwere Ndhlovu was born in 1939. He is a retired civil servant having worked in the Malawi Police service for 27 years. He has a wife and Children.

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