Malawi Electoral Commission is informing all registered voters, candidates, political parties and the general public that polling for the by-elections in the following wards and constituencies will take place on October 7, 2014:

Zgeba Ward, Karonga Nyungwe Constituency
Mbalachanda Ward, Mzimba Central Constituency
Lifupa Ward, Kasungu West Constituency
Kandeu Ward, Ntcheu North East Constituency
Lisanjala Ward, Machinga Likwenu Constituency
Blantyre North Constituency
Thyolo East Constituency

Polling stations will open at 6AM and close at 6PM or until the last person who will be on the queue before closing time votes.
Voters should remember to bring their registration certificates. If the certificate was lost or damaged, registered voters should still go to the centre where they registered and if their name will be found in the voters’ roll they will be allowed to vote.2

The general public is also reminded that only registered voters in the two constituencies and five wards are the ones eligible to vote and that transfers will not be allowed.

The Commission is further reminding all people that campaign period ended on October 5, 2014 at 6.AM as such it is a violation of the electoral laws to campaign outside the official period. If found the law will take its full course.

The Commission is informing all people that when going for polling they should not wear party or political colours, symbols, artifacts and any paraphernalia. People who will wear these colours will be turned away to dress properly.

Voting is by ticking or thumb printing inside the box next to the symbol of the candidate of your choice.

People with disabilities, the elderly, the sick, expectant mothers will be assisted with priority and will not queue. For those with visual impairment, the Commission has provided tactile ballot templates to enable them vote on their own.

The Commission is thanking all the contesting candidates and their followers in the by-elections for maintaining peace and order during 3 this period. We hope this will also be continued during the voting and results announcements time.

Voters are assured that the voting is a secret ballot and no one will know their choice. Therefore, they should not be intimidated to vote for a person not of their choice.

Signed this 5th day of October, 2014 at Blantyre.
Willie Kalonga
Chief Elections Officer

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