Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) shadow minister of finance Joseph Njovuyalema has warned President Peter Mutharika against shielding his ministers on cash gate allegations stating that only forensic audit can reveal the truth.

Njovuyalema said this in reaction to Mutharika’s remarks on cash gate on Monday.

Mutharika told reporters at Sanjika Palace that since cash gate happened from April to September 2012 under the Peoples Party (PP) leadership when DPP was in opposition therefore his ministers are not part of the massive rooting of public funds.

“The issue here is not about Peter as president but investigations. We are talking about the looting of money that was done when DPP and the late Bingu were in power so it’s not for the president to declare on who is clean or not,” said Njobvuyalema.

So unless he has seen the report he shouldn’t comment on whether his ministers are involved or not.

MCP is also aware that some DPP ministers are involved and if the forensic report will be done honestly some will appear in it, “Wasn’t George Chaponda and Henry Mussa not in government” during that period, said Njobvuyalema.

In relation to the development German ambassador to Malawi Peter Vaults has asked vice president Soulos Chilima that the civil service reform should try to address the root cause of corruption which he said it’s systematic.

“The issue to do with cash gate has been there for some time therefore it’s not a problem that can be dealt with within a short period of time,” said Vaults.

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