Liwonde First Grade Magistrate has convicted and sentenced a 25- year-old man to three years imprisonment, for being found guilty of trying to sale a 12 year old boy at K6 million.

A man reported the matter to Liwonde police who went to suspect’s home disguised as interested buyers, according to Machinga police sources.

According to Machinga police publicist, Constable Andrew Mayawo, the suspect was identified as Simedala John.

However in the court, John pleaded not guilty and this prompted the state to parade two witnesses including the man who was approached to mediate the sale.

Police prosecutor, Sub Inspector Ezekiel Kalunga, told the court that the boy who was being offered for sale was John’s nephew.

Sub Inspector Kalunga asked the court to give John a stiffer penalty arguing he traumatised the boy whom he said is likely to lose trust in people including relatives.

First Grade Magistrate, Esther Phiri, condemned the act saying it is in humane to sale a fellow human being.

The court, therefore, found John guilty of offering a child for sale contrary to Section 88 of the Child Care Protect and Justice Act.

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