A women’s Mother’s Day fun run has been set and will take tomorrow in Mangochi Boma.

The Fun Run, a Nation Publications Limited’s (NPL) corporate social responsibility initiative is aimed at raising funds for the purchase of medical equipment for maternity wings of public hospitals in the country.

This year’s event will raise funds for Mangochi District Hospital and its satellite health centres.

FaceofMalawi speaking to project coordinator Herbert Chagunda in an interview said most of the critical items for the district hospital and surrounding health facilities have already been procured.

“We are, however, asking for other well-wishers to come in because we are yet to purchase some medical equipment,” he said.

Some of the items that have already been procured include oxygen concentrators, delivery sets, suturing sets, baby weighing scales and adult weighing scales.

“We are very grateful to well-wishers and organisations that have supported this year’s Mother’s Day Fun Run,” said Chagunda.

During the Fun Run—NPL  employees, representatives from partner organisations and other well-wishers led by NPL chief executive officer Mbumba Banda, Parliamentary Health Committee chairperson Juliana Lunguzi, UNFPA and Unicef country representatives—will brave a two-kilometre distance from Ayiche Wosope (which is close to a mini-forest as we approach Mangochi to the district commissioner’s (DC) office.

The Fun Run will also be spiced up with traditional dances, drama and an open air concert by Mibawa Band.

Since its inception in 2005, the project has raised over K80 million for nine public hospitals across the country.


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