It has been noted that some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member have been implicated in the plundering of tax payers funds amounting to K24 billion between April and September, 2013, also known as Cashgate.

A audit forensic audit report by Baker Tilly reveals that lawmaker Lingstone Belekanyama, Wyson Zinyemba Soko, Rhino Chiphiko and Kettie Kamwangala from MCP were included in the massive looting.

The reports says Kamwangala, who was already arrested and charged, through her Explorations  company received MK 16,750,000 and paid MK 30,000 cashgate funds to Belekanyama.

Zinyemba Soko of Wymbaso General Suppliers received MK 40,953,287 from government without providing any goods, service or works in return, reveals the report.

“We have not seen the business registration document for Wymbaso General Suppliers but the business bank account was opened by Wyson Zinyemba Soko. Internet searches show a person by this name is the Deputy Director of Youth for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and a person with the same surname, Patricia Soko is an Internal Auditor at the Ministry of Finance,” reads the report.

Chiphiko is MCP MP for Lilongwe City South West and is fingered in Compu-Networks Limited which received MK 30,654,079 cashgate funds.

The report said investigations suggest the proceeds of cashgate may have been used to support electoral campaigns.

However Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu, told reporters that the audit dossier “is not a court judgment” and therefore should be treated as an investigative report.

The report states that in total 104 government of Malawi cheques, totalling K 6.9 billion were paid to 39 different companies when they had not supplied any services to government the majority of which were deleted from the system

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