As various sectors in the country continues to add their voices on the proposal by the people from the Northern Region led by former ruling People’s Party (PP) Provincial Chairman Christopher Mzomera Ngwira for the country to adopt the federal System of Government, reports reaching FaceofMalawi indicates that divisions have erupted among the grouping.

According to information sourced by FOM, some individuals led by Paramount Chief Kyungu says Karonga and Chitipa should be counted out of the plan and Senior Chief Fukamapiri adding that Nkhatabay too should be not included in the campaign.

Speaking at the Press Conference on Wednesday in Karonga, Kyungu who said was quoted out of context recently.

“Federalism is not in the best interest of Karonga and Chitipa people that I represent. Chiefs should be taken out of politics,” he said.

Concurring with Kyungu’s remarks yesterday senior Chief Fukamapiri of Nkhatabay said Nkhatabay too should be left alone because all the chiefs and religious leaders have no interest in federalism.

“Malawi is a small country. And what do we have in the North to qualify federal system? If the North is granted that, how will we implement it? It is time to concentrate on development and not on things that have no future,” said Fukamapiri.

Ngwira who is in the forefront advocating for System backed by the grouping calling itself Forum for Advancement of Federal System in Malawi feels that Northern Region has been sidelined for a long time, hence, coming up with the proposal.

The grouping believes that federalism will ensure equal share of resources and position in Public positions.

Speaking at the Press Conference at Sanjika Palace earlier this Week, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika said he will let the Citizen to decide on the matter.

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