A driver working for the Judiciary has disputed the Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) claims that they (drivers) get a salary of K85 000 (about $223) per month.

FaceofMalawi sourced the driver, who asked for anonymity, said such claims by CSTU are likely to cause damage to Judiciary drivers as they are also in the process of fighting for their salary increment.

The highest paid driver in the Judiciary gets about K56 000 ($147) per month, which is far below K85 000, said the driver.

CSTU treasurer Joseph Mdambo was quoted by The Nation as having said the unions want the lowest paid civil servant to get at least K85 000, which is equivalent to the salary of a driver in the Judiciary.

However, CSTU president Servace Sakala said in an interview it is possible the K85 000 was mentioned without proof, but the underlining issue is that employees in some government departments, especially in the Judiciary and at the Law Commission, receive a far much higher pay than civil servants in the mainstream.

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