Government has revealed that the demolition of Kamuzu Stadium will not be imminent as it will await the completion of the new stadium currently under construction in the capital Lilongwe.

According Minister for youth development, sports and culture Grace Obama Chiumia revealed that the plan will go ahead but only after the completion of the new stadium saying renovation would only waste resources.

“We will go ahead with the plan but only after we complete the new stadium in Lilongwe. “The project will take years because it won’t be a good idea to demolish the infrastructure before completing the Lilongwe Stadium,” said Chiumia.

Renovating the stadium is not an option as it would only waste resources, the only best solution is to take down the old stadium down and bring up a new stadium.

“Renovating won’t be a good idea because it will take half of the budget. The best solution is to take down the structure and then build a new stadium.

“The stadium is not in a good condition at the moment so renovating will not be a good idea,” concluded Chiumia.

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