One of the renown musician in the country Skeffa Chimoto of ‘Chinamuluma Chakuda’ has admitted to have distributed substandard DVDs to music lovers who patronized his Chikondi DVD launch in the three regions of Malawi.

Chimoto pledged free DVDs to all fans who troop to patronise the launch with the recent being held at Robins Park in the commercial Capital Blantyre.

But to the surprise of individuals who flocked to the venues to get the free DVD, it was of a low quality burned copy and hand written the singer’s name.

The development sparked debates among the fans and some took the issue to the social media, lambasting the artist.

Reacting to the development, Chimoto told one of the local daily papers in the country [Daily Times] admitted to have given out burned DVDs but said he already explained the situation during the launch in Blantyre.

“I did explain to people that the DVDs which we were distributing have just been burned. The difference was just the appearance but the quality of the music videos is the same with the original,” he said.

“I have not compromised my work. I have the original DVDs which people can also buy but we thought we needed to reward fans by giving them some DVDs. We could not give them the original ones hence burning them.”

The show which was pegged at MK2,500 featured Zambia’s Dalisoul and Chileka based reggae group Black Missionaries.

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