The judicial supporting staff who are currently on a national wide strike have stood their grounds that they will only go back to work if their demands are met by the government.

The supporting staff wants the government to effect a salary hike of 30 percent as agreed in 2013.

The two sides met on Friday in Blantyre to table the matter as the strike has led to the stalling of some top cases in the courts including those to do with the Cashgate scandal.

According to information gathered by FaceofMalawi, the discussions did not yield anything as the two side failed to come terms.

Speaking in an interview after the round table discussion, Lin Herbert one of the leaders of the workers, said their decision on the matter is final.

Earlier last week , Ministry of Finance and Economic Development spokesperson Nations Msowoya told the Press that the government is not ready to hike the salary as demanded by the supporting staff.

The strike which is in third week has affected a number of cases which are currently in court.

Meanwhile it is not known as to when the strike will come to an end.

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