A woman in Ntchisi has committed suicide at Katapo Stream because she has been suffering from chronic illness for four years.

Police have identified the deceased as Rolini Phiri, 34 years old. Police further explained that the incidednt occurred on Monday night.

According to police the deceased’s Brother Steve Phiri told them that his sister (the deceased) had been suffering from general body pains for four years and she decided to throw herself into a deep well at night whilst people were sleeping.

The deceased has left behind five children.

Police further revealed that the deceased was discovered by her 14-year-old last born son Lameck Phiri who went to draw water to bath as he wanted to go to school.

A post-mortem conducted at Malomo Health Centre indicated that Phiri died of suffocation as a result of drowning. No foul play was suspected as the body had no marks of violence.

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