Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr George Chaponda has advised the newly appointed diplomats and secretaries who will represent Malawi in various countries to sale and promote the country to investors.

He said that the ambassadors have the duty to promote the motion that the country is moving from aid diplomacy to trade and investment.

Speaking at the briefing session in Lilongwe at his ministry headquarters Dr Chaponda said Government will establish a one stop service center whereby the investors would be soliciting information of how they can flourish companies in the country.

“With such a mechanism investors would not be moving from one ministry to another but this time they are going to solicit harmonised information available at one place. We are certain that within a short period of time the investors would be able to start working,” said Dr Chaponda.

He added that it is the duty of every government official to support the motions government is implementing to keep the country updated.

“You should carry the same message everywhere and provide it to investors who are willing and to those that do not know Malawi to come in our country in order to diversify the economy,” he said.

He however, advised the appointed diplomats to stay away from misconduct and maintain the identity of the country. Your behaviour will matter to this country,” said Dr Chaponda.

Former Inspector General of Police, Loti Dzonzi is a deputy ambassador designated to New York (USA), Chimango Chirwa is ambassador designated to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Ted Kalebe ambassador to Brussels, Frank Viyazyi High Commissioner designated to Mozambique (Maputo), N. Mhura ambassador designated to Washington DC (USA), E. Y. Sawerengera ambassador designated to Brasilia, Chrissie Kaponda a High Commissioner designated to Pretoria (South Africa).

Fraser Nihorya Nkhoma a Consul General designated to Johannesburg (South Africa), Reverend L. Mwanamvenkha First Secretary designated to China (Beijing), F.I. Kaunda Jr. First Secretary to Pretoria, Fanny Bwanali First Secretary to Tokyo and Lizzie Chimbalanga Third Secretary to Harare.

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