Nude pictures of a woman from Bangwe who is alleged to have been cheating with another woman’s husband in the commercial capital Blantyre have gone viral on the social media.

The woman identified as ******* is reported to have been cheating with an officer from Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) who is currently working at Songwe Border post.

It is reported that woman grew wings and even started challenging the wife of the MRA officer that she will snatch the husband from her.

The wife was so annoyed with this and when she got hold of the photos and a clip, she was left with no option but to released them to the public.

The Photos plus the clip shows ****** playing with her private parts.

This is not the first time for nude pictures of women pausing before a camera in the country have gone viral.

Meanwhile Lawyer and gender activist Seodi White has advised women in Malawi to be careful when submitting themselves to their men to avoid embarrassment in future.

Picture Removed out of respect.

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