The Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) has given the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) 15 days to restore water supply or face massive demonstrations in the country.

This follows a meeting between the two on Wednesday afternoon in Blantyre.

The consumer rights group has disclosed that they have asked BWB to restore water supply in a fortnight in the city of Blantyre or else risk facing massive vigils.

According to CAMA’s Executive Director, John Kapito, the body will with the help of local media persistently monitor the supply which he said will be the only way out of the woes people are facing following dry taps in their homes, townships and areas.

“The exercise will be highly monitored. In the slated period, we will have to be convinced that people now have water or else we will team up with full force against the BWB in the streets” .

CAMA had cancelled demos slated for Thursday saying that the meeting between the two bodies had led to the understanding that water supply be restored.

BWB boss, James Nampando said that they will restore water supply in due course saying that for a starter, the body will distribute water to the highly affected areas on tanks on daily basis.

He added that, they will also take the water to all institutions which run out of the resource to normalize things.

Nampando then called upon all people not worry on the matter saying that BWB does not take the matter for granted.

This comes at time when areas of Chimwankhunda, Chilobwe, Chitawira, Manja, Zingwangwa, Nkolokosa, and Bangwe have been without water for a week.

This piled up pressure on the BWB and later said that this was due to among other reasons the drying up of the Mudi Dam.

Cama then blasted the body for being reluctant in addressing the problem and announced of the demos.

Earlier on Malawi24 had reported of how people plying their trade in digging wells are enjoying the business.

The report revealed that people prefer to have well in their backyards than having dry taps with bills at the end of each month.

At the moment, the BWB has called on residents in all the areas to make full use of the provision of the water in the tanks in their areas.

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