Thing never cease to amaze us as a 38 old year woman in Ntchisi by the name Gloria Chunga on Wednesday appeared in court appeared in court for defiling a 14 year old boy and infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.

Chunga wo is a widow with one child and is cousin to the boy denied all charges.
But when the boy recounting the incident said the incident occurred when he was sent by her mother to a nearby shop.

“When I was passing by Gloria’s house, she called me and told me to get into her house. She then dragged me into her bedroom where she asked me to have sex with her.
I told her I had never done it before, but she said she would teach me how to do it, until we had it, said the boy in court.

The boy who some days later said he discovered he had a sexually transmitted disease brought laughter to the court when he said he did not tell his parents about the whole issue because he felt good during the encounter.

The boy then revealed that the issue was came to light when his parents discovered that he was having difficulties to walk and later it was established that he had swellings on his private parts.

In defense Gloria said she only asked the boy why he failed to report the issue to his parents and the boy repeated by saying ‘I felt good I couldn’t tell my parents.’

During court proceedings, the father of the boy asked for a withdrawal of the case but Magistrate Dorothy Kaluwa refused and revoked her bail on basis that the evidence against her was overwhelming.

The woman is to appear again in the same court for judgment on 16 March, 2015.

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