The Office of Director of Public Assets Declaration has fired a warning to all public officers that any altered declared assets is against the law and is punishable by paying a fine and even going to jail.

Making the remarks Director of Public Assets Declaration, Christopher Tukula said that all perpetrators will face the wrath of the law.

“If we will find that any of the public officers lied then they will go to prison for two years or pay K500 thousand in fines,” he said.

“Some might have disclosed more than what they have while some might have revealed less than that what they own, but they must know that the law will caught up with them,” warned.

Tukula further said that his office will scrutinize everything that the officers disclosed.

“We will investigate them to establish if indeed what they represented tallies with what they have on the ground,” he added.

Recently, the Office of the Director of public Assets Declaration reported that most of the country’s politicians willingly declared their assets because they feared losing their jobs.

“The politicians know the consequences of failing to declare assets as the law demand that all those who fail should be stripped off of their positions or be barred for seven from participating in politics,” he said.

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