Central East African Railways-CEAR has announced that it has resumed Limbe-Nayuchi route a month after suspension due to heavy rains that washed away the railway line.

FaceofMalawi speaking in an interview with CEAR Communications Officer Chisomo Mwamadi confirmed of the development saying that the Limbe-Nayuchi route resumed few days ago.

“The Limbe-Nayuchi is very vital for the economic activities of the country citing transportation of fertilize, fuel and commodities of other companies” he said

Mwamadi further revealed that it had decided to suspend Limbe – Mankhanga and Nkaya – Kanengo routes to pave way for maintenance work after being washed away by floods that hit the country.

CEAR suspended all the goods and passenger service routes due to heavy rains that washed away its railway lines.

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