Group Village Headman-GVH Msumbi under Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi has declared that his people will not leave their native land to pave way for the construction of a Five Star Hotel along the shores of Monkey – Bay.

Speaking on Wednesday at Monkey-Bay Resource Centre Hall during a meeting the District Commissioner for Mangochi organized with chiefs and some villagers, Msumbi said his subjects would not leave their ancestral for a hotel.

“What I can assure you Bwana DC is that there is no any problem here as far as the construction of a five star hotel is concerned, but I am only against the idea of moving us away from our land to somewhere else, as a chief I will not accept that,” Msumbi said vehemently.

“There is some land in my area which is approximately about one and half hectares where the five star hotel can be constructed and I hope the land will be enough for the five star hotel. Mota Engil should find another place for the construction of a golf course not in my area,” he added.

GVH Msumbi added that the place where government would like to relocate them to was not habitable. He said the new place had no potable water and was far away from the lake considering that most people in the village earned their living through fishing.

“Let me all the same thank you Bwana DC for organizing this meeting. However, if this meeting was conducted some months ago one person should not have died and some of our children could not have been injured as a result of the fracas that happened some weeks ago because there was poor communication on the project details,” Msumbi said.

But District Commissioner Bester Mandere said the council would give more time to the chiefs to soberly discuss with their people on the matter.

“For now, the council will not take it that you have rejected the project, instead we will give you ample time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the whole project. Thereafter, you may wish to make a position known to our office,” Mandere said.

On her part, Director of Tourism Patricia Liabuba disclosed that government had already adopted the five star hotel master – plan by Mota Engil, saying if the issue of relocation was resolved in time, Mota Engil would start the construction of the hotel soon.

Liabuba reminded traditional leaders that the project would, among other things, create jobs for people in the area, would have a tourism training college and enable Mangochi to attain the status of a Tourism City.mana

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