Looks like nearly everyone who turned up for Nigerian star Davido’s show at the Carnivore is pissed. I think pissed is an understatement but let us go with that for now.

Everyone is talking of a magical number, 37. Those are the number of minutes Mr David Adedeji Adeleke was on stage. Yes, Vioja Mahakamani lasts longer than Davido’s performance. The only thing that lasts longer than his show was Ruto’s presidency.

No, there are no signs that the 37 minutes were jam packed and full of an awesome show that people will remember for years. The 37 minutes were full of something that starts with an “S” and ends with “T” and we are not talking salt.

But, think about it, Kenyans have been waiting for such a bad performance from a Nigerian for a while. We expect an American rapper to come and pull such a stunt on us “Africans” because, well, we should be thanking our lucky stars that he blessed us with his presence in the first place.

If it was Kanye West who pulled that stunt, we would have seen it coming. Heck, people would have turned up to just see how many minutes he would perform.

But when a fellow bloody African tries to pull a Kanye West on us, then we have every right to be angry. We dance along to Davido’s songs in the clubs, they are catchy but he has not right to come to our shores, charge some exorbitant amount of money then perform for 37 minutes and act like he did us a favour. I know he is just 23-years-old and rolling in dough but he should be mature enough to respect the people who are willing to part with their hard-earned money to watch him perform.

But we should not be angry, no, we should smile because this means, we have finally realized that our very own stars are capable of delivering better shows than the Nigerian and for far less money.

Rabbit launched his album on Friday and it was a jam packed two hours of straight awesomeness. He charged just Sh2,000 and he brought out stars on stage, there was Abbas, Kristoff, Wyre, Khaligraph, Collo, Avril, Femi One and many more and they wowed the crowd.

There was a man who understands his fans and what they want, he has studied music greats from around the world and picked a few of their tricks and he has used them for his own good.

Davido’s bad showing probably will now make Kenyans look inward and start paying attention to our own greats. Rabbit even hit out at radio stations for playing way to much Naija music at the expense of Kenyan music. He then took his fans down memory lane of Kenyan music and finally quipped; “Na wanasema hakuna mziki ya Kenya ya kucheza.”

Look, Wizkid also came to Kenya last year and he had a good show but for the amount of money these Nigerian kids are paid for these shows, we should expect some “beyond belief” shows not someone coming to do playback.

But for Kenyan artistes, this does not mean that Kenyans will just show up for your concerts because you are Kenyan. No, you need to package yourselves better, try and offer an experience in all your shows. It will take time before someone pays you Sh8 million for a show but you have to keep improving yourself so that you move from Sh50,000 to Sh200,000.

It will be gradual but it will happen. There was a time a Kenyan artiste was paid Sh5,000 for a performance but they kept raising their standards.

Kenyan promoters, keep bringing any artiste who will make you money but try to once in a while organize a show for Kenyan artistes. I wish Rabbit’s show wasn’t at the Museums of Kenya partly because of space. Wish it was at a stadium but Kaka Sungura is smart enough to know that to get to the stadium, he will start at a theater holding less than 500 people.

So, we should really thank Davido for his shitty show because it just might be what we wanted to take Kenyan music and artistes to the next level. He can Skelewu out of our lives for good for all we care.

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