Machinga First Grade Magistrate has sentenced a man who abducted an albino to two years Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL).

The suspect who was identified as Sinoya Waisoni aged 32, was arrested last month as he tried to kidnap a 13 year old girl living with albinism, from Tradition Authority Chikwewu in the district.

According magistrate, Gladys Jentela, the convict was supposed to stay in jail for 3 years but upon considering the mitigation factors he gave, Waisoni will stay in prison with hard labour only for 2 years.

However after passing her judgment, Jentela said she was worried with the smoothness of the judgment saying such people need more punishment.

She said she could love seeing stiff punishment such that other would be offenders should get a lesson.

Machinga is the only district with the high rates of albino kidnapping cases and of all the 15 cases registered in the country, 7 cases are from the district.

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