Machinga Police have arrested a man for allegedly kidnapping a two year old albino girl at Muluku village, Sub Traditional Authority Mchinguza in the district.

Sources gathered by FaceofMalawi shows that the man has been identified as 19 year old Joseph Andiwochi.

According to reports the suspect had two accomplices and brothers namely; Kamanga Likhutu, and Sinoya Likhutu but unfortunately they got away.

Specific details indicate that Andiwochi and the two kidnapped the minor at her home. But the minor’s ten year old sister who is also an albino raised an alarm which prompted villagers to man hunt the three.

Machinga police have apprehended Andiwochi and have since launched a manhunt for the other culprits.

Cases of kidnapping or killing albinos in the country have been on the rise as they [albinos] are believed to bring fortune.

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