People in Liwondwe on last week got up to an unusual wakening when a woman by the name of Eliza Jambo locked herself up in a house for four days singing, dancing and speaking in tongues with her four children and a grandchild while naked.

Sources gathered by FaceofMalawi indicate neighbors of the woman became suspicious after having not seem her for four days prompting them and other relatives to break into the house but to their surprise were shocked with how Jambo was making her supplication to God.

According to an eye witness by the name John Lihoma revealed that Jambo went to pray at a fellowship within the township on Sunday where was given anointed water to drink and on Monday evening locked herself in the house.

He said she was praying on top of her voice shouting, Holy Ghost Fire!

Lihoma then noticed that there was no sign of cooking at the house as all members of the family were indoors praying and one of the children was crying loudly and continuously.

Frightened with the situation, Lihoma said neighbors summoned her sister, Lucy Chikwewe Kanjira who resides within the township to intervene.

Jambo’s children are said to be in the age range between two and 18 looked pale and hungry having stayed for four days without food.

On Thursday morning, Kanjira permitted neighbors to break into Jambo’s house.

In the house, Jambo and her four children were found naked except for a son who was being beaten ‘because was considered to be possessing demons’, according to Lihoma.

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