Men who are attracted to women with big butts perhaps do so for a reward of pleasurable s3x. But there is more to big butts than meets the eye Scientists from the University of Oxford have said that women who have more than average backsides often have a higher level of intelligence.

The researchers even went as far as saying that children born to women with wider hips are more intelligent than the children of slimmer, less curvy mothers. Beyond that, they claim the lower body fat lowers cholesterol levels and produce sugar metabolising hormones that help to ward off diabetes and heart problems in women with bigger butts, compared to those with slimmer butts.



According to them, women with such big butts produce more Omega 3 fats, which catalyse brain development. In a study of more than 16,000 women by the team from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism led by Prof. Konstantinos Manolopoulos, the women with bigger butts consistently outscored their skinny counterparts on intelligence tests, and children of women with big butts outscored the children of slender mums too.

However, the result showed that it was not simply a big butt that indicates a high Intellectual Quotient, but the size of the woman’s hips in relation to the size of her waist. The researchers said, “The theory behind these findings is that fat stored around the buttocks and thighs is high in omega-3 acids, which promote brain growth, while fat stored around the middle is loaded with omega-6 acids, which just makes the pants too tight.

“Part of the nutrients the mother passes down to the baby during pregnancy is the Omega 3 fat, which has been proven to catalyse brain development. “Pear-shaped women have greater reserves of omega-3, which nourishes their brain and is essential to foetal brain development in the third trimester of pregnancy.



To see how the body rates in terms of omega-3, divide the waist size by the hip size. The smaller the answer, the better. “To take this further, one theory that has been posited is that men have a biological urge to have intelligent children,so they respond lustfully to broad-bottomed women without consciously knowing why.



According to the report published in the International Journal of Obesity, the lower body – thigh and backside – has a natural protective role, adding that the control of body weight is still the best way to stay healthy. The report notes that it is better for women to have fat at the lower part of the body because it is less harmful and more stable unlike when it is in the stomach where it is more metabolically active, by sending fatty contents throughout the body.

In fact, the researchers analysed and compared female belly fat with the legs, hips and buttocks, finding that the fat from the lower body of women prevents the development of diabetes.



The study, which notes that the number of buttock lift surgeries has increased by 136 per cent from 1997 to 2012, did not say whether those with artificial butts would have such benefits. While reacting to the study, an evolutionary psychologist, Dordon Gallup, of the University of Albany, United States, said beyond the intelligence babies (foetal) would tap from their mother during pregnancy, “It is about pairing genes with someone who has genes that code for health, vitality and fertility.”

He said, “Men find narrow waists and broad hips attractive and the fat stored in women’s butts, called gluteofemoral fat, has unique long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important for babies’ brain development.

“In this area, the fat is likely to be the much touted Omega-3, which could improve the woman’s own mental abilities as well as those of the child during pregnancy. Research shows that as gluteal femoral fat stores go up, so do the cognitive scores of babies born to women with large hips, and not only are babies advantaged, but even the mothers are.”

Even if majority of men do not know why they are attracted to larger butts, they are still helplessly attracted to it The study concluded that, “The explanation lies in omega-3 fatty acids, which are tucked in the hips and thighs and also compose much of the human brain. Girls begin storing these fatty acids below the waist once puberty hits.

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