Some Northern Traditional Leaders in Mzimba commended government for banning selling and distribution of liquor sachets commonly known as ‘BlackBerry”.

According to one concerned Group Village Headman Bibinyu Mbeya said sachet liquor was easily accessed by young children who are not supposed to consume it, thereby destroying their concentration at school.

“Alcohol abuse has been on the rise in Malawi just because of sachets. So we as traditional Leaders are very happy with this decision. For example, my own family has been affected and almost five people have died due to drinking sachet alcohol,” moaned Mbeya.

Bibinyu therefore pledged his total commitment to assist government in civic educating his subjects on the dangers of this type of beer.

“I will make sure that I call for meetings now and then so that people should understand and be able to tell their children not to indulge in this type of behavior,” said GVH Bibinyu Mbeya.

Recently, Malawi Cabinet resolved that alcohol manufacturing companies should stop packing alcohol in sachets and instead bottle it in larger quantities to avoid school going children from abusing alcohol.

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