A 43 year old Kepton Mhango has been arrested in Mzuzu for allegedly murdering his pregnant wife at a beer joint in Chikomprazi in Ekwendeni during the early hours of Monday morning.

Information gathered by FaceofMalawi through Mzuzu Police Deputy Publicist, Patrick Saulosi, revealed that the suspect and his wife had gone drinking at the pub when Mhango decided to leave the bar joint earlier, leaving his wife behind.

“After staying at home a few hours, he was surprised to notice that the wife was nowhere to be seen and when she arrived home later, the couple got into a fierce wrangle which resulted in the suspect pushing the deceased to the floor,” said the police publicist.

He explained that as a result, Mhango’s wife collapsed after falling on the floor and was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“The postmortem report from the hospital indicates that the deceased, Sisili Marium Mwafulirwa, 46, from Wovwe in the area of Traditional Authority Mwasambo in Karonga District, died due to severe head injuries and hemorrhage,” he added.

The suspect, Kepton Mhango, from Kaitira Village T/A Mtwalo in Mzimba District, will appear before the court of law to answer the charge of murder which is contrary to section 209 of the Penal Code.

Police have since appealed to the general public to use dialogue and not violence whenever they have marital problems to avoid such incidents.

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